How to Paint Concrete Floors to Look Like Stone

Switching your floors to different materials is costly, takes a lot of time, and takes a lot of labor.

You have to remove the concrete from the ground and get rid of it only to place stone down instead. Then, with stone, you also have to make sure it fits.

If you want to switch your concrete floors to stone floors without all the work, you can use paint to make the concrete look like stone.

By using the right kind of paint and painting techniques, you won’t even be able to tell by the end of painting that your floor is just concrete.

Why Do Painting Floors Matter?

Painting a floor is a super easy way to change up how a floor looks and is so much less expensive than going through the process of changing the material of the floor. 

Turning your floor from concrete to stone takes time and money. Not everyone has either of those two things, so using paint is a great alternative. When done right, your floor will still be of amazing quality and will look fantastic. 

Some people worry about how the paint will last on concrete, but with enough coats and sealer, people have had their floors painted for years without needing to do touch-ups.

If using paint to make your concrete floor look like stone sounds like the right path for you, keep reading to learn how to do it. 

How to Paint Concrete Floors to Look Like Stone – A Step-by-step Guide

When you are painting your concrete floors to look like stone, there are several steps to go through to make sure that your paint will stay top quality for a long time.

Completing each step to the best of your ability is how you keep your concrete floors liking like beautiful stone.

Step 1: Pick Your Colors

Pick Your Colors
Choosing colors that look like rocks

Here’s the fun part!

When you are preparing to paint your floors, you have to choose which colors you want to use.

You can use cool-tone greys or warm-tone browns and anything in between. If you wanted to, you can make your stone floors a bright color just for fun. 

Certain colors look better together than others, so knowing which colors to pair with what a good skill is to have.

Going to a hardware store that sells paint will usually have guides to help you choose your colors or you can ask an associate for their opinion. 

Make sure you get enough paint to cover all of your floor with at least 2 full coats. This keeps your floor looking fresh for longer. 

Step 2: Clean the Area

Before painting, you must prep your space.

First, move away any and all furniture and objects from the area. Not only will they get in the way of your painting, but you also don’t want to get your stuff covered in paint too. 

Once you have moved all the objects and furniture from the space, you need to clean your concrete.

Remove sticks, rocks, and other debris from the concrete so they don’t get in the way. Sweep or vacuum away access dirt.

Then, wash your floor down with water to make sure you have a completely clean and fresh canvas. 

Step 3: Prime the Concrete

When you are painting concrete, the first step to making the paint last is by using a primer.

You can pick up concrete primer at any hardware store, and it’s a step you should never skip. Use your tool of choice to paint an even layer of primer over the concrete and let it fully dry before adding paint. 

Step 4: Paint the Background

When you want to make your concrete floor look like rocks, you need to work in layers.

Your first painting step is to paint a solid background color. This is the base for how the rest of the stones look and makes sure that your concrete won’t still look like concrete. 

Allow the paint to dry and paint a second layer. This makes sure that your paint is even and completely opaque. 

Step 5: Create Chalk Outlines

Create Chalk Outlines

It is always good to start by creating outlines before really getting to work. Take some chalk and draw out rock shapes across your concrete floor.

Stones are never perfect shapes and sizes, so you don’t have to worry too much about getting the shape right. 

Create outlines that make you happy. If you want a more natural look, vary the size of your stones and blend out the lines in between stones.

To create a sharper look, you can use painter’s tape to mark your outlines. Let yourself be creative to create the stone floor that you want. 

Step 6: Get to Painting

Get to Painting

When you are painting rocks, you should have three colors.

There’s the main color of your rock, a lighter color for highlighting, and a darker color for shadows. Use various shades to create a dynamic look that makes your rocks look realistic. 

We recommend pulling up a photo of a stone floor to base your painting on. Take your time to paint the floor, starting with your base rock colors.

You can use several base colors to make your floor look like you have several kinds of rocks. 

Use brushes both big and small so you can capture all the details. Rocks are not perfect, they have dents, holes, and imperfections.

If you desire a realistic look, mistakes are what will make your floor even more realistic. 

Make sure you add shadows in the spots between the rocks to separate them. This process can take several days to complete. Make sure that your paint is dry before adding highlights and shadows.

Also, just remember to be patient. This will take a while and that is okay. Trust the process. 

Use a sponge or paper towel to give your paint texture. Blot the wet paint with your tool and it will create the “pores” that rocks naturally have. 

Courtesy of Wall Murals by Colette

Step 7: Allow the Paint to Fully Dry

This is self-explanatory. After you are done painting your floor and you are happy with how it looks, give it plenty of time to fully dry before walking over the stone and moving on to the next step. This will take 1-3 days.

Step 8: Finish With Sealer

To make sure that your “stone” floor lasts a long time, you need to put a sealer over the stone.

Each sealer will have different instructions, so make sure to follow them completely. Unless your sealer says otherwise, you recommend you do two layers of sealer (making sure that each layer dries completely) so no paint will chip.

Again, allow the sealer to fully dry before moving furniture back onto it and walking around. This will take several days. We recommend waiting a full week to make absolutely sure your floor is 100% dry. 

Now, you have a concrete floor that looks like stone! This new look will surely elevate how your home or patio looks.

2 Tips and Reminders for Painting Your Concrete Floors to Look Like Stone

Have Patience

Painting your concrete floor will take time. The painting alone will take several hours to complete depending on the size of your floor.

Then, you still have to wait for each layer of primer, paint, and sealer to fully dry. 

Patience is mandatory. If you don’t have patience, you could mess up the floor and add even more time to the process.

Just because this process takes less time than completely changing your concrete out for stone, this is still a process that will take plenty of time to complete. 

When you have the patience to complete this project, it will be worth it as you will have a beautiful floor that will grab the attention of all of your guests.

You will also have a stone floor that will last for years since you have properly gone through the whole process. 

Use Paint Meant for Concrete

Use Paint Meant for Concrete

There are many kinds of paint out there. To make sure that your stone floor will look great for a long time, you should use paint that is specifically meant for concrete.

This will also make the process easier too since you’ll be using a material meant for concrete. 

Concrete paint will be readily available at hardware stores. You can even purchase concrete online for those who don’t have a hardware store nearby. Using the proper materials gives you the best quality possible. 

Editor’s Note: Keep in mind that these answers provide general guidance, and it’s advisable to refer to specific product instructions and seek professional advice when needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to prepare the concrete floor before painting it to resemble stone?

Yes, proper preparation is crucial. Clean the floor thoroughly, remove any existing coatings or sealers, repair cracks and imperfections, and ensure the surface is smooth and free of debris before applying the base coat.

What are the best paint and color options for achieving a realistic stone look?

Acrylic paints specifically designed for painting floors. Choose colors that mimic the natural hues and variations found in the type of stone you wish to replicate, such as slate, granite, or limestone.

How do I clean and maintain a painted concrete floor that looks like stone?

Clean the floor regularly using a mild detergent and water, avoiding harsh chemicals that may damage the paint. Use soft-bristle brooms or mops for gentle cleaning. Periodically reapply a fresh coat of sealer to maintain the appearance and protection of the painted surface.

Final Thoughts 

You can have a beautiful stone floor without having to take out the concrete just by using some paint. This process will take a bit of time, but it is worth it to have a floor you will cherish for yours. 

If you enjoyed learning about how to paint your concrete floors to look like stone, let us know in the comments.

The floor in our houses or our patios can completely change the vibe of our house, so having a floor that we love is important to love the place we live at.

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